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How Do You Google That? Pursuing Your Dream Life is Hard

Complicated. Perplexing. Confounding. Befuddling.  Confusing. Life. I mean, seriously…what the heck, man??  This ride was a whole lot more fun when I had everything figured out.  Which was approximately immediately before I realized I knew nothing. And since then, it’s like walking into a classroom and being told you have a test that you weren’t… Continue reading How Do You Google That? Pursuing Your Dream Life is Hard

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Taking Time to Find Myself

Hi y’all!  I know…it’s been FOREVER (last August to be exact) since I last blogged.  There has been so much going on, and hopefully, as I previously promised on my instagram and facebook page,  I can share a bit of that with y’all. First, can we just talk about how fast the last 12 months… Continue reading Taking Time to Find Myself

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25 Words To Energize The Imagination

Everyone has those words.  When you think of them, they inevitably invoke strong images in your mind. They lift you up. They make you smile.  They tell a story.  From projects, to writing, to personal successes, they make you feel like anything is possible. For me, there are certain words that make me feel like… Continue reading 25 Words To Energize The Imagination