The Lemon Tree

lemon tree2

Welcome to The Lemon Tree- a magical place that will challenge you to see the familiar in a new, positive way!  

If you’re new to The Lemon Tree, allow me to get you up to speed!  I founded this idea based on the old adage: “when life hands you lemons, make {insert frozen concoction of choice here}.”  I challenge you to re-evaluate how you view that poor little villainized lemon!

When life hands you that lemon, don’t perceive it as getting a raw deal on something.  Instead, see it as a gift.  An opportunity that’s been handed to you.  And while it may not be what you expected, you can either take that lemon and run with it, or you can sit on the ground and wonder why you weren’t handed an orange instead.

My hope is to challenge you to look at and consider things in a new way!

Please enjoy my little tree of positivity.   

click on a picture to pick a lemon:

be determined     be adventure     be yourself     be thankful     reminder resized     you are enough     don't talk yourself resized     own success lemon tree     Cherish Resized     fortune cookie resized     resized choose your standards

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